1 1.5 2 8 10 18 48 Inch DN160 hdpe pipe grade pe80 pe100 agricultural Irrigation pipe

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PE water pipe is extruded forming via extruder using special polyethylene compound, PE pipe is widely used for urban water supply network, water diversion project, garbage disposal plant, sewage collection pipeline engineering and agricultural irrigation engineering. PE pipe connection adopt with butt fusion, electrofusion fusion, which can effectively resist circumferential stress and axial impact stress generated by internal stress, and PE pipe without adding any heavy metal stabilizer while processing non—toxic, no fouling, no bacterium, avoid drinking water second pollution.


1,Good standards of hygiene: in accordance with drinkable water standard, non-toxic material, no scaling layers for bacteria; avoid the second pollution for drinking water.
2,Excellent anti-corrosion feature: strong resistance to many chemical corrosion except some strong oxidant, no electron chemical corrosion, no rotting and rusting when buried under the ground, no leakage in long-term service.
3,Long Service Life: more than 50 years’ service life under appropriate temperature and pressure.
4,High Impact Resistance: good tenacity and high impact resistance, no cracking when pressed by heavy items.
5,High work ability: easy and reliable for connection; light weight, convenient for installation and maintenance.
6,Good Low Temperature Resistance: applicable between -20℃~40℃, the brittle point can be -70℃.
7,High Elongation strength: high tenacity PE with 500% elongations; very capable to the uneven sedimentation of tube basis; excellent anti-impact.
8,High Flow Capability: the relative roughness of inner-wall is less than 0.01; no blocking, high-efficiency transportation.

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  • We are a 10-year Alibaba gold supplier.
  • The raw material compound producing gas pipe are made from Borealis
    (Borouge chemical), Total, LyondellBasell, Sabic and other
    international well-known company.
  • The largest diameter of pipe hit 1200mm, size of molded fittings is up to 450mm, types of fittings reach more than 3000 species, we are one of the largest professional manufacturer of polyethylene (PE) pressure pipe in the world.
  • We passed the IS09001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification, which also is the only domestic company attained the certificate for all products People‘s Republic of China Special Equipment Manufacturing License issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision2.jpg


Plastic Pipe Testing Center, covers an area of about 1,100 square meter, and equipped with
Germany Netzsch Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Germany IPT Carbon Content tester, IPT
hydrostatic testing machine, IPT rapid crack propagation (RCP) testing machine, IPT slow
crack growth(SCG) test device and slotting machine, IPT 3D sample preparation machine, IPT
pipe thickness gauge, Japan Mitsubish Carl Fischer moisture titrator, France Setaram DSC, U.S
MTS electronic universal testing machine, melt flow rate test device, density instrument,
microscope for testing carbon black dispersion, valve beam bending resistance airtightness
testing machine, valve seal torque testbed, electronic balance,and so on more than 30 sets,
meanwhile equipped with electrofusion automatic welding machine, all types of butt fusion
machine, vertical sawing machine, vertical milling machine and other auxiliary testing
equipment 12 sets. Which also established a 60 square meter laboratory with constant
temperature and humidity, the lab is the unique one built by plastic pipe manufacturer
in China. According to the temperature and humidity requirements of the test items, different
test rooms were set up. Especially the RCP test can meet dn400mm test requirement with a
leading position in the world.



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A: We only use 100% first raw material.

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