PN10 PN16 Low Pressure Large Diameter 75mm 110mm 160mm 200mm 250mm 400mm UPVC Water Pipe






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Zhejiang Taizhou Triunion Co., Ltd., as a member of Hongtu Group, is a joint corporation, which specializes in producing and selling High Quality PVC Fittings, PVC Butterfly Valves, PP Compression Fittings, HDPE Fittings, SMC Composite Manhole Covers of BS EN124 Standard and Australian AS3996 Series Products together with Hongtu Plastic Product Co., Ltd., Resin Chemical Co., Ltd., Yinyida Pipe and Fittings Co., Ltd. and Sanfa Plastic Co., Ltd.

Testing Equipment


The company has strong testing capability with a professional and capable inspection team. It has testing equipments such as Vicat softening temperature meter, drop hammer impact machine, dumbbell sample machine, tensile tester, hot oven tester, pressure test pump station, refrigeration and freezing equipment and a variety of measuring instruments.It can perform various tests such as hydraulic test, sealability test, drop test, hot oven test, tensile test, drop hammer impact test, Vicat softening temperature test and so on, to ensure that the manufactured products meet the national standards.

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